IPSF Trainers Development Camp

Organization Background

Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Student is a student-led organization, which champions efforts to help young people, and communities make informed and responsible decisions on their health as well as social and economic standards of living.

Since 1972, PANS has been the foremost leading advocacy organisation of all  Pharmacy Students in Nigeria.  We are a group of Pharmacy students with keen interest in promoting improved public health through provision of information, education, networking and a range of publications and professional activities in the country. The positive impact of the pharmacy profession on lives in the last years back cannot be over-emphasized, as we are constantly built up in learning character and zeal to improve and heal the nation sequel to professional education.

PANS is linked to other Pharmaceutical Students’ Association worldwide through the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), www.ipsf.org ,and is a full member of the IPSF African Region Office. For Professional Development, IPSF carries out a Trainers Development Camp, for an aspiring generation of trainers within the federation, the next edition is due to be hosted in Nigeria by Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Student (PANS) from 25th to 30th June, 2017.


The Trainers Development Camp (TDC) is primarily aimed at pharmacy students who have developed passion for trainings and would like to further contribute to the IPSF Training Programme. The TDC will provide the participants with background knowledge about experience-based learning and training design, and equip them with necessary skills to deliver trainings. At the end of the TDC, the participants will be challenged to deliver trainings, putting into practice all they have learnt during the event. Upon completion of the TDC and fulfillment of additional requirements, the graduates can claim a title of an IPSF Trainer.

Who should apply

IPSF is looking for 25 qualified individuals to embark on the journey to become lifelong trainers. Our target should be a candidate possessing at least one of these criteria:
– Good understanding of IPSF and its aims and objectives
– Good communication skills
– Passion for training and IPSF as a whole
– Leadership experience in local or national association and in IPSF
– Training experience will also be considered favourably

 Methodology and Timeline

The IPSF Trainers Development Camp is an important event of the professional development of Pharmacy Students agenda. During the event, 25 students and recent graduates from all over the World come together with an aim to raise a group of trainers with clear vision of their role and knowledge of how to design and deliver trainings to members of their associations, these trainers will use their skills to train other IPSF members and build a training system within the organization that would help continuous growth and learning.

Who to Contact

Mr. Mark Raafat
IPSF Training Coordinator

Mr. Adeyemi Sylvester
TDC co-ordinator, Nigeria

Mr. Isah Dahiru
IPSF PANS Contact Person