The Genesis

By Okoli Muna Francis


*Smiles faintly*


My people, this is obviously not the best time for us and our generations to come. For quite sometime, ever since Alex committed that mistake in the laboratory, our society has been under intense attack, the enemy has sworn to exterminate us. We have lost thousands already. In fact, I am the only surviving elder but before I finally receive the final blow from the enemy this night, permit me to inform you all of the good old days.

We are the most important part of humanity. Long before Alex was born, we were thorns on the flesh of our enemies, we infiltrated our enemies camp unnoticed, burgled their defense mechanism with ease, kept them in agony and waited for them to accuse it on their supposed angry gods. Those were the good old days, we must work hard to return to such days.

Like an endangered species, we are going to take a retreat, we have to go back to the drawing board, we have to understand why a man’s mistake is causing us this havoc and making us lose our traditional powers. When we have successfully understood it, we shall take them unaware and attack them again. We shall go back to the good old days.

My time is almost at hand, but I have a dream that one day the younger generation will grow over Alex’s mistake and continue to thrive despite the many missiles Alex and his colleagues will hit at us. (He starts coughing) My time is now. I will have to go but remember to avenge my death.


They are back to avenge the death of their fallen heroes. They have taken advantage of our ignorance and abuse of Alex’s gift to humanity. Yes they are everywhere, they now defile the works of Alex and his newer generations. They are back to their good old days. They are ravaging us again. They are not our friends, for they are MICROBES.




Mr. Okoli studies pharmacy at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria.

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