Alphonse Mbarushimana; RPSA President on leadership and his IPSF story

IPSF Story

My own story in IPSF is not too long. In 2013, I was in the first year of University, I got to know that pharmacy students are connected internationally through an awesome global platform (IPSF). I started being engaged with its program and working with high-spirited people who bring their best abilities to make and keep the federation higher. I co-organized the 4th IPSF African Regional Symposium, Leaders In Training, Trainers Development Camp 2016 and three consecutive RPSA International Pharmaceutical Symposiums. The leadership positions I held were: IPSF Policy Committee Member, IPSF Pharmacy Education Advocacy Coordinator 2015, IPSF Contact Person 2016. I’ve been recently nominated to be a leader of partnership team in professional development events. Being involved at such level opened my eyes and helped me to discover my potential to I could not have seen before.

I am not yet where I want to be but every step I am taking is another step towards achieving my goal. I wish my fellow healthcare professionals to have a spirit that will take IPSF to another level and make the world a better place – a place everybody would wish to live in.


Changes require leadership and partnership. It’s still early to evaluate the work I’ve done so far and so hard to measure my ability by considering what I have done. I think the greatest value I have is my ability to adapt to changes. It’s a big challenge for our generation to be able to understand well what they can be the best at. My vision is optimistic, I will never ever allow anybody to take it from me. It may take long to see it happen, but I do hope that it becomes much more than it is right now.  Being a leader in any field means a lot of things on both leadership position holder and people who are following. It is best to envision what you want to see, find out where is your place and how you can contribute. If you go contrary to this, you become a leader for nothing.

My fellows can learn from that as I learn a lot from them too. When you get a chance to put in practice the skills you have acquired, it’s a way of accumulating more experience you never get from anywhere else. Being engaged in such way, it helps you to learn and improve yourself, to have better and greater influence on your society and region at large. Whatever we do in our daily life and call it small thing or not big enough in our eyes, counts for something great to make long journeys shorter because it may be one of the ways to go the high mile for you or your generation. Just give it a try, make mistakes and fail but be sure to get out of the situation with tons of lessons. When we keep saying the same things and go back with no better decision on what to do, we  find ourselves with no change in future. Do not wait for that  time to come, just move on.

As drops that make an ocean are small things, what you are able to do now will open a door of doing great things you desire to achieve in years to come. Connections are the key! They are the people who connect you to other people and make you strong.  

2 thoughts on “Alphonse Mbarushimana; RPSA President on leadership and his IPSF story

  1. Gisele Shema Uwineza

    That is great Mr president!!!
    You are a role model through your hardworking and your flexibility.
    You never get any discouragement.
    We learn a lot from you.Keep up!!!!!

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