What you need to know about Lagos; the hosting city of AfPS2018

What you need to know about Lagos; the hosting city of AfPS2018

By Temitope Ben-Ajepe, the IPSF Contact Person for PANS, Nigeria 2017/2018

    Temitope Ben-Ajepe

Energy; my preferred English word if I ever were to pick a synonym for my city, Lagos.

It’s the very first thing you notice as you touch down Nigeria’s former Federal Capital Territory and now it’s biggest, thriving commercial hub; one can literally feel the boisterousness as it permeates every nook and cranny of the Center of Excellence. The energy in Lagos can never be missed -- it is alive, well and it thrives, even in the sweltering heat. It never skips a beat.

Lagos -- through the collective efforts of Nigerian IPSFers, will be welcoming with open arms, our counterparts from the rest of the African Regional Office for the 7th edition of the African Pharmaceutical Symposium which interestingly coincides with the 10th anniversary of the office’s inception billed to take place from the 17th through the 22nd of June, 2018. Special considerations are being made by the Reception Committee and PANS National Executive Council to ensure this symposium adds value to everyone who’ll be attending, ensuring we have an event that is forward thinking and befitting for the future of Africa’s healthcare delivery team with regards to the contributions of young, emerging pharmacists.  We cannot be more chuffed and we’re set to extend our hospitability, share our knowledge, learn from our guests as we invite them all to learn about our diverse culture(s) and douse the negative press we’ve received from mainstream media of late.


In discovering Lagos, it is advisable to prep oneself for the bouts of energy all around and ultimately enjoy it. Alighting an aircraft, (hardly ever) strolling through Customs and claiming baggage at the conveyer belt before bursting out of the Arrivals Lounge of the international wing of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport is a combined lesson in the fine art of juggling quiet charisma, sophistication and short outbursts of stark, raving madness. Lagos, fondly referred to as Eko by its locals has something in store for everyone – as visitors to the city for AfPS2018 are soon to find out. It is a place of big breaks for the hardworking, the headquarters for bustling night life for die hard party lovers (no one said it better than Banky W. when he said “Ain’t no party like a Lagos party”), a steadily growing economy for investors and diverse markets for the business savvy in almost every sphere that one can think up. It is also a place with churches and mosques on every other street – a shortcut to heaven, some might argue. Lagos could very well be a school of hard knocks but it is also a gift that keeps on giving; it is the gateway to our country and a treasure trove for the keen eyed tourist because: melting pots bring everything and everyone together and Lagos is a melting point – literally and figuratively speaking.


Without mincing words, if there’s anything at all you seek in Nigeria, you stand a most assured chance of finding it here. The stark contrast between the elitist and the more humbling backgrounds and how they co-exist side by side is a pure wonder: an unbelievable, jarring disconnect between both extremes to some and to others, the culmination of the best of both worlds.


The writer is the IPSF Contact Person for PANS, Nigeria 2017/2018

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