JOIN THE HUMAN RACE: World Humanitarian Day 2021

JOIN THE HUMAN RACE: World Humanitarian Day 2021


World Humanitarian Day, 2021

We have a race to win! So, we must be on the run. The human race might be losing its battles against climate change crises but we must win the war and save our planet's future. This is the clarion call to us all under the aegis of  World Humanitarian Day 2021: 


A global challenge for climate action in solidarity with the people who need it most.

Every 19th of August reminds us of the benevolent and altruistic dedication of humanitarian and social workers across the globe; a day also in commemoration of the 22 humanitarian workers who lost their lives in the Iraq bombing of the UN's headquarter in 2003. On this day, we intensify our advocacy and campaigns for the protection of human lives, their welfare and dignity, and to ensure the safety and security of social and humanitarian workers everywhere.

However, the global climate emergency has had us tilting at the windmills lately. The climate change crisis is growing at an alarming rate and gradually overwhelming the actions of the front liners in the humanitarian community. The most climate-vulnerable people of the world, who despite contributing the least to the climate emergency is yet the hardest hit by its consequences, are losing their homes, their livelihood, and their loved ones. The heaviest cost of global warming, rising sea levels, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and wildfires is suffered the most by people who have the least ability to manage it. There's a need for global action!

On this year's occasion of World humanitarian day, we are uniting to call on the world leaders to expedite actions towards slowing climate change. We will lend our voice to elicit commitment from all major stakeholders and to ensure that the safety and welfare of people in vulnerable communities is the top agenda for discussion at the UN Climate Summit (COP26) when leaders meet in November later this year. Also, to be emphasized in this campaign is the need for developed countries to fulfil their decade-old pledge of committing $100 billion for climate action in developing nations. 

At IPSFAfRO, we are committed to promoting courses that espouse improved quality of life for everyone in Africa and the World at large. We call on you, to join #TheHumanRace on the 19th of August. Lend your voice via different media, use the tag "#TheHuman Race" on your posts and follow and rebroadcast the campaigns we will be posting on our social media platforms. Also, where possible, identify with people of the vulnerability of communities and engage in #TheHumanRace activities with them.

"In this race against the climate crisis, we can not leave anyone behind."  — UNICEF

Towards rescuing our planet from climate emergency, IPSFAfRO, join #TheHumanRace!



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