Regional Working Group 2020 - 21

The AfRO Regional Office is managed by the Regional Working Group (AfRO RWG) which
consists of:
1. Chairperson
2. Secretary
3. Regional Relations Officer (RRO)
4. Regional Media and Publications Officer (RMPO)
5. Regional Projects Officer (RPO)
6. Immediate Past Chairperson
7. Chairperson of the African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS)

The IPSF AfRO RWG 2020/2021 is a collective of strength, wit, and compassion bound together by a warrior spirit. They stand formidable in the face of this new mandate, ready to bring honor to all African pharmacy students. The Superhero League is as follows:
1. Chairperson - Mr. Isaac Anang (Thanos)
2. Secretary - Mr. Foday U. Turay (Captain America)
3. Regional Relations Officer (RRO) - Mr. Yaw A. Mfoafo (Black Panther)
4. Regional Media and Publications Officer - Mr. Silvanus Manyala (The Flash)
5. Regional Projects Officer - Mr. Noah Sesay (Spiderman)
6. Immediate Past Chairperson - Ms. Purity Wambui (Wonder Woman)
7. Chairperson of the 9th African Pharmaceutical Symposium - Moussa Fofana (Thor)