Campaigns are what helps the IPSF African Regional Office to engage, act, and impact on a continental or even global scale. Campaigns mainly focus on Public Health projects, Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaigns, and Pharmacy Education. IPSF AfRO is considering improving the way of carrying out IPSF projects and events by introducing inclusive and exceptional reports related to Africa’s health issues rather than re-using the general projects directed at general health issues. Today, IPSF AfRO has a qualified team of officers and coordinators who are able to lead the charge in improving the image of IPSF AfRO on the global stage.


Beauty Beyond Colour


As part of this year's AfRO Anti-Skin Bleaching Campaign (from 9th to 11th September), IPSF AfRO will conduct an online awareness campaign. Click here to participate.  Join us on Saturday, 11th September 2021 at 3 pm GMT+0 on IPSF AfRO's official Instagram page. We will host Ms Mammy Saio Marah, the Executive Director and Founder of Black and Bold Foundation as we raise awareness against skin bleaching and address the detrimental effects on our health.


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