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IPSF AfRO stands for the African Regional Office of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF). As the regional representation for the African countries, IPSF AfRO serves as a platform for pharmacy students across the region to collaborate, share knowledge, and advocate for the advancement of pharmacy education and practice.

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Explore our range of insightful publications at IPSF AfRO (African Regional Office), covering the latest developments in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences across the African region. From academic journals to newsletters, our collection is curated to keep you informed and connected with emerging trends, best practices, and innovative research shaping the future of pharmacy. Dive in and discover the wealth of information waiting for you!

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IPSF AfRO Chairperson 2023-24
IPSF AfRO Secretary 2023-2024
Regional Relations Officer 2023-24
Regional Media & Publications Officer 2023-24