Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is one of the main activities in IPSF. It is a mobility programme that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to get to know pharmacy in a different country.

The IPSF member organizations organize the exchanges by finding host sites where the students are trained. The programme runs throughout the year (Winter version and Summer version), but the majority of the exchanges take place between May and September. The length is usually 2 weeks up to 3 months with a minimum of 40 working hours per exchange, and possible host sites include:

  • Community pharmacy;
  • Hospital pharmacy;
  • Clinical pharmacy;
  • Wholesale pharmacy;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Research at university;
  • Government or private health agencies.

The host may also provide room, board and/or pocket money in addition to the training site in order to help the applicant.

During the exchange, participants can share and develop pharmaceutical knowledge and skills. At the same time, this is a unique opportunity to experience new cultures, try different food, meet friends, learn a new language, visit beautiful places and enjoy your vacations by enriching yourself in different ways.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware. We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. SEP will take you to unexplored places and offer you unique pharmacy practice in different fields in more than 60 countries. You will meet lifetime friends and share many exciting and unforgettable moments.


IPSF has member organizations in 88 countries worldwide. Check out which organizations offer Student Exchange Programme.




Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is IPSF's largest project, offering professional pharmacy internships. Every year, more than 900 students around the world are given the opportunity to experience the field of pharmacy in different countries.