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The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation - African Regional Office (IPSF AfRO) was established in 2008 during the 52nd IPSF World Congress in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Federation currently represents approximately 80,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates across 24 countries in Africa.

IPSF AfRO - African Regional Office

Member Organisations

AESPHAB, Benin ([email protected])

CEPHARM, Burkina Faso ([email protected])

CAPSA, Cameroon ([email protected])

ADEPHARM, Ivory Coast (-)

CEP/UOB, DRC ([email protected])

EPSA, Eswatini ([email protected])

EPSA ETHIOPIA, Ethiopia ([email protected])

PSFGh, Ghana ([email protected])

AEPHARM GUINEE, Guinee ([email protected])

KePHSA, Kenya ([email protected])

PHARMSA-UL, Liberia ([email protected])

AEP, Mali ([email protected])

AMEF, Mozambique ([email protected])

AEPHAN, Niger (-)

PANS, Nigeria ([email protected])

RPSA, Rwanda ([email protected])

AEPSn,Senegal ([email protected])

NAPS-SL, Sierra Leone ([email protected])

SAPSF, South Africa ([email protected])

AEPHAT, Togo (-)

UPSA, Uganda ([email protected])

MUPSA, Uganda ([email protected])

TAPSA, United Republic of Tanzania ([email protected])

PSAZ, Zambia ([email protected])

ZPSA, Zimbabwe ([email protected])





IPSF AfRO Chairperson 2023-24
IPSF AfRO Secretary 2023-2024
Regional Relations Officer 2023-24
Regional Media & Publications Officer 2023-24
Regional Projects Officer 2023-24
12th AfPS Chairperson
Immediate Past Chairperson