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The IPSF AfRO African Pharmaceutical Symposium is the annual Regional Symposium hosted by the Regional Office in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a one-of-a-kind event hosted by one of our Member Organizations.

It seeks to improve relationships between pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students and recent graduates from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures and give them a chance to learn, create, contribute, and share various perspectives on pharmacy practice in the continent.

The annual event features education and scientific panel discussions, workshops, abstract presentations & exhibitions from professionals in various pharmaceutical disciplines. It offers an opportunity for attendees to understand the role of pharmacy practice in health care, explore various career opportunities, and establish professional contacts. 

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About the 12th AfPS

The 12th African Pharmaceutical Symposium will be held in the vibrant city of Freetown, Sierra Leone, serving as a pivotal gathering for pharmaceutical students, recent graduates, pharmacy professionals, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders from various corners of the African continent. Against the backdrop of Freetown's rich cultural heritage, the symposium unfolded as a dynamic platform for stimulating dialogue, sharing insights, and exploring the pressing challenges and promising opportunities within the pharmaceutical landscape of Africa.

Throughout the symposium, attendees will delve into a diverse array of critical topics under the overarching theme of " Strengthening Healthcare Systems: Pharmaceutical Innovation and Resilience in Fortifying Health Systems." Engaging plenary sessions, that will be led by esteemed keynote speakers, dissected issues ranging from integration of digital health and E-health Solutions in enhancing pharmaceutical services, exploring strategies to improve access to affordable and quality medicines, supply chain management, effective distribution models, and strengthening healthcare delivery systems in Africa, the challenges and opportunities in regulatory frameworks, drug registration, quality control, and pharmacovigilance, with a focus on harmonization, standardization, and the role of regulatory agencies.

Also, workshops will be held on pharmacists’ involvement in research, effective strategies for healthcare strengthening, antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial stewardship, emergency vaccine preparedness, response and supply chain management, sexual and reproductive health rights and strategies of Neglected tropical disease control and elimination, all these topics are carved in reshaping pharmacy practice and healthcare delivery on the continent.

The symposium's vibrant atmosphere will be further enhanced by a series of interactive workshops and training sessions, designed to equip participants with practical skills, unveil the latest innovations in pharmaceutical science, and bolster capacity-building initiatives aimed at fostering excellence in pharmaceutical practice across Africa. Parallel to these educational opportunities, the symposium provided a bustling exhibition space where cutting-edge pharmaceutical products, services, and advancements took centre stage, offering a glimpse into the future of healthcare in Africa.

Amidst the scholarly discussions and knowledge-sharing activities, the symposium will also facilitate invaluable networking opportunities, igniting partnerships and collaborations among students, industry experts, researchers, and professionals from various domains of the pharmaceutical arena. Moreover, policy dialogues and roundtable discussions steered conversations towards addressing regulatory bottlenecks, enhancing access to quality medicines, and catalyzing advancements in pharmaceutical research and development tailored to the African context.

As the symposium wraps up, its outcomes will resonate in the form of enriched insights, forged collaborations, and a collective commitment towards advancing pharmaceutical practice and research standards across the African continent. The 12th African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Freetown, Sierra Leone, will stand as a beacon of progress, uniting diverse stakeholders in a shared vision of elevating pharmaceutical services, promoting healthcare excellence, and fostering innovation within Africa's pharmaceutical landscape.